‘A little bit different…a little bit peculiar.’

Hello! Welcome to the Little Green Pig blog. First off we should explain who we are and what we do. Little Green Pig was set up in June 2007, and we are a writing project for children and young people in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex. We want to set up a space and a place where young people can come and have fun with words and writing – whether that be poems, stories, plays, songs – and get feedback and support for their work. We were inspired by the great work that the team at 826 Valencia is doing in America and feel there is the need for a similar project here in Brighton. We will be running drop-in sessions from January 15th that will be held every Tuesday afternoon at Brighton Youth Centre, Edward St, Brighton. The first sessions will run 3.30 – 4.45 pm, for children aged 7 – 12 and then the second session will be 4.45 – 6 pm for young people 13 plus. We’re very excited to have finally found a venue, and we’re really looking forward to working with Brighton Youth Centre, where Anita Rich and her team do loads of good stuff with young people in the local community.

We’re going to start planning the sessions soon, and want them to be a balance of group activities, games, individual writing time and time for lots of group discussion and feedback. There will also be the opportunity for young people to get individual feedback and help with their work. We can’t wait to get started!

We’d love to hear your feedback and comments. And the name…anyone recognise where Little Green Pig comes from? It’s a little bit different and a little bit peculiar – we’ll tell you more in the next post.