Cowgirls and haikus

Frankie busy at work on her story

We finished off our Character, Place, Dilemma stories this week – although several  of the Piglets, on re-reading their work, decided that they wanted to start all over again! Here is the beginning of Frankie’s story, who wrote about a cowgirl, a cottage in Spain and the challenge of building a pavilion out of a million marbles:

 There lived a cowgirl, Taylor. She lived in a cottage in Spain, which was cold and very miserable. She was so fed up that she decided she would make her way to the city and try to find a job.

 This is a great start, Frankie – I look forward to reading the rest of the story and finding out how she gets on building that pavilion. Frankie, and another little green piglet, Ruben, will be appearing on Radio 4’s Go 4 It tonight at 7.15, so do listen in!

 We also welcomed Juno to the group this week. Juno was a runner-up in the Write around Air Street competition, and her winning poem is on display this month by the clock tower in Air Street for all to read, so go and take a look. If you don’t live in Brighton you can also read it here.

 Next Tuesday we will be looking at haikus. What are some of your favourite haikus? Leave a comment in the next week and let us know. Our favourite will win a special Little Green Pig prize. Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!


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