Behind the scenes

We’re on an Easter holidays at Little Green Pig for the next couple of weeks, but Lucy and I seem to have been busier than ever, writing a funding application to apply for a small amount of money to keep the club going. One of the best things about writing it was passing on all the great feedback we’ve had from the children, young people, parents and volunteers who have been involved. Here’s just one of the comments we got, from Lily (in our Piglets group):

Why I like Little Green Pig

  1. It’s really fun.
  2. You get to meet lots of new people.
  3. It gets me into writing a lot more stories, songs and poems.
  4. It’s nothing like school, which makes it fun.
  5. They choose the topic but then you can write whatever you like.


Lily has to hit the nail on the head. We’re considering using her list to rewrite our aims and objectives!


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