Giant leapers

Experimenting is what we like doing best at Little Green Pig. Lucy and I don’t plan our sessions or topics for our writing workshops weeks in advance. What works best for us is trying out new things, throwing out an idea and letting the children run (or write) with it. Sometimes things work, and we decide to carry them on for two weeks, or sometimes they don’t and an hour is enough. I find we are continually surprised by what the children and young people get most fired up and inspired by. Sometimes it’s those last minute, planned-on-the-bus sessions that end up prompting the best writing.


In our last session, we looked at kennings – a type of poem where something is described without using its name. We had great descriptions of mums (‘Sushi eater’) and eagles (‘Big dipper/Flesh ripper’) and this poem below, written by Rose. At seven years old, Rose is the youngest member of our group, but she is always full of ideas. I think you’ll agree that she did a great job with this poem. Can you guess what animal she is describing?


Fast runner

Grass stuffer

Big jumper

Giant leaper

Sneaky stalker

Forest walker.


We’re looking forward to seeing you all again next Tuesday.




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