Pictures paint a thousand words…

A big welcome to Sam and Leah, who joined the Saddlebacks group last week and were thrown in at the deep end with starting their own short stories! It was great to hear you read some of your ideas out loud in the first session – thank you. We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Everyone wanted to take their writing home to work on last week which is great, but it means I can’t put anything up on the blog from that session. Instead, here’s a poem from Dillan from a while back when we used a variety of different images as a stimulus for creative writing. Can you guess what his picture was?!



Towering, majestic,

Intimidating, challenging,

Rising out of the ground,


Powerful, ancient,

Snow-covered, spearing

Out of the low cloud,


Breath-taking, astounding,

Exciting, scary,

Millions of miles high,


Fearsome, Commanding,

Strong, Standing,

Guardians over the land,


Penetrating, impermeable,

Peaceful, beautiful,

Overshadwing everything,



A very evocative poem – well done Dillan. What do you think? Which images or words do you think really worked? Post your comments on the blog!

See you all on Tuesday,


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