Once upon a …

Well the Saddlebacks have started off the new term with an ambitious project to write some proper short stories. We looked at a few good examples from Carter, Hemingway and Mansfield and then got down to it… Ione made a great start with this intriguing opening: 

“I run out of the door and slam it. The noise makes me shudder but it doesn’t stop me. I have to get back there. It might be gone already. My feet thud along the pavement – one, two, one, two, left, right, left, right. I glance across the road and make a dash for it. A car zooms just in front of my eyes – I feel a chill as the friction makes the air whoosh around me. I forgot my jacket but it’s too late now. I run some more. My heart is pounding. It must be there. Why would any one else want it? I stop for a second outside the gate. I shiver. I tiptoe through and along the path. The mildew is all over the leaves and it smells mouldy. Not unlike before.”

Brilliant Ione! Looking forward to the next installment.


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