I Have a Dream

We experimented with some visualisation work last week in the Saddlebacks group and went on dream journeys. Some visited the reality of a buried past, others created an imaginary world. It was great to see how all our imaginations took us to completely different places and made us feel different emotions. Sam, a fairly new member to our group, has composed a poem which uses the senses to evoke a real sense of place. Try and guess where it is before you reach the last line.

I walk through streets,

Dark streets

Illuminated by shops, signs, theatres,

So many theatres.

People pass me, cold, unwelcoming,

Trudging through inches of snow.

My nose is bright red with ice wind

But warmed by the wafts from bakeries, patisseries, restaurants.

I belong here,

As I walk through streets,

Dark streets,

Of breathtaking New York.

Did any of you guess? Well done Sam – this is neat and concise and I like the way you use contrasts of warmth and cold to add variety to your poem. What do the rest of you think? Oh, and don’t forget to post your favourite Haiku on the Piglets blog. Another reminder – put the open mic night, Tuesday 10th June, 6-8pm at BHASVIC in your diaries! We’ll send out more details soon. See you on Tuesday,