Sound Detectives

Ruben and Leo with giant ears

Last week the Piglets group and I had lots of fun trying on giant ears and imagining what sounds we could hear if we had extra sensitive hearing. We then wrote poems based on these imagined sounds. I have to admit, this session was a bit of a trial run for some workshops I am running at Portslade Infants School as part of a project for Walk to School Week.  It was really interesting to see the different work the children came up with, and how different all their poems were. Here’s one that Issie wrote:




Listen to the noises that surround you


Listen to the ghosts in the closet that say boo


Listen to the people hurrying in the streets


Listen to the people tossing in their bedsheets


Listen to the people hurriedly buying


Listen to the babies in the hospital crying


Listen to the people in the football stadium cheer


What can you hear?


And then here’s Leo’s poem. (Note – one line is edited out as to avoid offending any big sisters out there!)




Listen closely and you might just hear

Fat men drinking beer in alleyways

Rats eating rubbish and mouldy food

Bats urinating in caves

Ruben eating his pen

Scorpions scuttling in Egypt

Brains thinking up evil plans.


What do you think? As we say in our feedback time, which were your favourite words and phrases and why?



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