Counting sy -lla -bles

Leo and Lillie

Sorry for the late post this week. I am up to my ears in ear poems, preparing for a poem trail at Portslade Infants School this Wednesday. If any of you live that end of town, come and take a look. There will be strings of special Sound Detective poems on display along Locks Hill for everyone to read as they walk to school for Walk to School Week.


Back to the club – we had a great session counting syllables and writing haikus last Tuesday. All the Piglets really grasped the 5, 7, 5 syllabic form and nearly of them match the pattern – count them if you want! Everyone did so well that I’ve posted one haiku each. Here are some of our ‘What am I?’ haikus. Can you guess what they are?


Sometimes I’ll turn grey

That’s when I’m full of water

Just here I will burst.                                    Lillie



Red little creatures

Small and spotty animals

Crawling up your arm.                        Scarlet



I’m so cold in salty liquid

It’s very sunny out of the water

Help, I’m drowning!                                    Frankie



I hatch out from eggs

My fur all wet and small

But cuter I get                                                Rose


Sometimes angry grey

Often calm, splosh and greenish

Stronger than any man                        Ruben



And then two to finish from Juno and Leo:




Snow, soft and crunchy

Mince pies, sweet, hot and fruity

Snowman, tall and proud.


This time the body

Will break down inside the grave

One day, in a big field, a farmer goes home.


This Tuesday Lucy will be working with the Piglets and I’ll be with the Saddlebacks – we’ll be getting ready for the Open Mic night!