Character, Place, Dilemma

Ruben reading

We started off the Piglets session today with some word association games to get us in the creative, wordy mood and then we got down to starting some stories. The structure for the story came from writing down some characters, places and dilemmas on pieces of paper and then picking them at random. We came up with some very interesting combinations – for example Frankie and Leo got a cowgirl, a cottage in Spain and the dilemma was having to build a pavilion out of glass marbles! We’re continuing with the stories next week, but here’s a great start from Ruben:


Once, in Russia, there lived a certain Tsar who loved his wife dearly. One day the Tsar was out hunting in the forest. Suddenly the roof of his house split in two and a falcon flew in and picked up the terrified Tsarina in its talons. The falcon was actually a magician in disguise, who (perceiving the beautiful Tsarina), had decided to kidnap her.


What do you think is going to happen next? We look forward to finding out next week!


Welcome also to Avila, Scarlet and Lola who have joined the Piglets in the last couple of weeks. There are some new additions to the Saddlebacks group too and we are happy that word is spreading about Little Green Pig Writing Project.



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