Speaking out

On Thursday 20th March we had our first performance by three of our writers from the Saddlebacks group. They performed as part of an Open Mic night for young people at Jubilee Library, alongside some writers from the BHASVIC writers collective. It was a great night, and refreshing to hear some young voices – so many open mic nights in Brighton & Hove are aimed at a much older age group, and it convinced us of the need to organise more live literature events for young people. Hosted by local poet Rosy Carrick, three writers from the Saddlebacks group, Edie, Dillan and Sian, performed short stories and a poem between them. It was really interesting for me to hear the writing they’ve been working on (as Lucy works with this group and I work with the Piglets) and congratulations to all three for doing us proud!

Matt, Caitlin and Lucy (who also helps out with the Piglets group, though not to be confused with Lucy Snell, Co-Director!) from BHASVIC also impressed us with their confidence and wit. Thanks to all our performers and those of you who came and watched, and thanks also to Andy Severs for his support.  We plan to have another Open Mic night in a few months, where we will be inviting children from the Piglets to perform alongside the Saddlebacks. They can’t wait and neither can we! 


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