Chair’s Report 2016/17

Here, Pete Lawson, Little Green Pig chair, looks back at the year 2016/2017…

It’s been a brilliant year at Little Green Pig. We’ve worked with twice as many children and young people as last year, in three times as many schools.

That’s over 850 children in Brighton and Hove and across East Sussex who have benefited from our work. 850 children – many from areas of huge social deprivation – who have had the chance to develop their creativity, to explode their imaginations, to explore their feelings, to celebrate their ideas. 850 children whose words have been taken seriously. 850 children who now walk that little bit taller because they have had an opportunity to tell their stories to the world. 850 children who now have a better chance at life. In doubling our reach this year, it means that since we started, we’ve now worked with over 2,500 children and young people.

We’ve had our first ever pop-up residency in a school, transforming a disused classroom into a creative writing space, publishing books written by every single pupil. We’ve produced the first ever young people’s travel guide to Brighton. We’ve created a dramatized murder mystery, our second show for the Brighton Fringe, as well as rerunning our first (a walking audio tour with stories of street homelessness). We’ve published weekly columns in a leading Brighton magazine. We’ve branched out across East Sussex, working in Eastbourne, St Leonards and Newhaven. We’ve run workshops in partnership with three different art galleries, combining as we so often do the visual with the written.

Once more, we’ve targeted our work at children experiencing the greatest disadvantage, because every child has a right to write, regardless of wealth or background. And because writing means being heard – and being heard increases self-esteem and encourages children to aim high – we’ve showcased their work to their families, their schools and communities, as well as more widely across Brighton and East Sussex.

All of this has been delivered by our committed staff working alongside more professional writers and illustrators than ever before, supported by more fantastic volunteer story mentors than ever before, funded by more sources, partners and individuals than ever before.

I hope you enjoy reading this report and hearing more about what we’ve been up to and how we’ve achieved it. If you’ve been part of it, I thank you – thank you profoundly, this is your story. If you’d like to be part of making it all happen again, then please talk to us – this could be your story too. We’ve got so many plans and ideas of where we want to take things. This is a story that has far to go

Pete Lawson
Chair, Little Green Pig