Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Jeanes

Over the next few months we’re going to shine a light on some of the amazing Story Mentors who give up their time to volunteer at our workshops. First up, we’re talking with Steve Jeanes, who joined Little Green Pig in December 2017.

When I used to be a stage manager, I got a bursary from the Arts Council to study fireworks. At the time I was touring with the Shanghai Kunju Opera and we were at the Palladium. The Stage decided it warranted a story, so they sent a photographer round. He got the company make-up artist to do this and it appeared on the front cover of The Stage!

Hi! Please introduce yourself.

I’m Steve. I’m retired, but a serial volunteer.

Why did you want to become a story mentor with Little Green Pig?

I was already tutoring GCSE students in Maths and helping out at various arts events around town, but, as an ex-writer and somebody who usually gets on well with young children, it seemed like both a good fit and something to complete the set.

What has been your favourite moment so far?

Recording the kids’ Superhero stories for radio.

Here at LGP we’re lucky to be working in a city that’s filled with so many creative people, projects and organisations. What do you like most about Brighton?

That’s it’s not like the tiny-minded nation our current lords and masters are so keen to encourage, and which they seem to be to be succeeding in doing.

Do you have any book recommendations, either for adults or children?

Where to start? But it’s always got to come down to books that have somehow fundamentally changed your way of thinking. In which case I’d have to go for – On the Road, Catch 22, The Dice Man, Tales of Power and The Feed.

And finally, what’s your favourite word?


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