Volunteer Spotlight: Liliana Chantre

Here on the LGP blog we like to shine a light on some of the amazing Story Mentors who give up their time to volunteer at our workshops. Today we’re featuring Liliana Chantre, who joined us at the end of 2017.

Hi! Please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Liliana Chantre, I’m 32 years old, I am from Portugal (Lisbon) and I am a flight attendant (Senior Cabin Crew Manager) for Norwegian Airlines.

Why did you want to become a story mentor with Little Green Pig?

I joined LGP because I wanted to give something back to the community and LGP combines the two things I like the most: working with children and writing. I had long lost my inspiration to write, but with LGP workshops has helped me to slowly get it back.

What has been your favourite moment so far?

It is hard to pick a favourite moment, because I just love every single part of the workshops that I have attended so far. I have so much fun. There is always a child who surprises me. It is personally very rewarding and a wonderful project. I love to see the excitement from the kids, specially when they are proud of what they created and I’m just there supporting their creativity.

Here at LGP we’re lucky to be working in a city that’s filled with so many creative people, projects and organisations. What do you like most about Brighton?

I like the diversity. There are people from different countries and yet Brighton still has its funkiness.

Do you have any book recommendations, either for adults or children?

For adults I would probably recommend Torey Hayden or Maya Angelou. Really like Dorothy Koomson books too.

For children, The Little Prince. Also, Maurício de Sousa, is a Brazilian writer who created the comics Turma da Mônica. Really funny and I loved reading the adventures of a group of kids.

And finally, what’s your favourite word?

My favourite word is Freedom.

Interested in volunteering with Little Green Pig? Find out more here!