Volunteer Spotlight: George Aboud

September is here, bringing with it the start of the new term and our after-school clubs. Before we jump into the new school year, we’re shining a light on George Aboud, one of the fabulous volunteers who assisted on our August summer school.

Hi! Please introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m George! I’m a creative writer but most of my working life has been spent looking at gender, climate change and food security in international development context.

Why did you want to become a story mentor with Little Green Pig?

Having worked in international development for most of my career, I wanted to try some more community based work with young people at home. My passion is creative writing and I also wanted the volunteering to be fun. Little Green Pig ticked all the boxes!

What has been your favourite moment so far?

Working at the Summer School on the Barge at the Marina. Not only was it a fantastically creative and exciting space for the young people, I was privileged to see how they grew in confidence as the week progressed. To see some of the more shy students self-assuredly read their stories, poems or blogs out in front of audience of parents and their peers was a total highlight. It was just wonderful to witness.

Here at LGP we’re lucky to be working in a city that’s filled with so many creative people, projects and organisations. What do you like most about Brighton?

It’s got everything: the sea, the downs nearby, some great parks and fun pubs. Mainly though, it is the openness of the people. I’ve met and continue to meet some incredible people with big hearts, fascinating perspectives and amazing stories.

Do you have any book recommendations, either for adults or children?

I’ve just finished ‘The Alarming Palsy of James Orr’ by Tom Lee, which blends the real and the very strange with such precision, I’m unsure whether I’ve witnessed an actual event or read it. I also love anything by Elizabeth Strout, I’m a bit of a fan of James Salter and Margaret Attwood rocks.

And finally, what’s your favourite word?

I like the sound of the word ‘Glockenspiel’,  the idiosyncrasy of the Sussex word ‘Twitten’ but I like the feeling of the word ‘Love’.

Interested in volunteering with Little Green Pig? Find out more here!