Thursday Club speaks up about the Environment

Like many young people, Little Green Pig’s Thursday club members are extremely concerned about the damage being inflicted on our planet and the inaction of governments. Inspired by Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion, the children researched environmental issues of interest and responded in their inimitable style. Here you’ll find articles, opinion, stories and poems on one of the most important issues of our times.

Plastic Sea – by Ivy

Plastic! It’s something everybody uses. That’s a FACT! Because even I use plastic, so does my mum, my dad, my family, my friends and well THE WHOLE WORLD! But it doesn’t mean that it’s OK.

What I mean:

We depend on plastic way too much and it’s taken us many years to realise what it’s been doing to our oceans, seas and the creatures that live there. Recent studies have found that plastic pollution has increased in the last decade.

Great Barrier Reef:

The Great Barrier Reef is a home for almost 3000 individual different species of fish. It is larger than the Great Wall of China and is the most spectacular sight and range of colours. Sadly, because of the amount of plastic pollution it is not dying and lots of creatures are losing their homes and their source of food.

What we can do about this:

  • Cut down on plastuc
  • Use a reusuable water bottle
  • Paper straws
  • Paper cups
  • Paper bags


Stories of Plastic Paul and Bottle Bob

This is an adventure of Paul and his friend Bob and their ways of life,.

Plastic Paul

Day 1:

Paul is waiting as usual to be specially picked from the fridge to be drunk. It may be his time, the human looks at his friend Bob but Paul got chosen. Almost straight away he was consumed. After being consumed, he was thrown in the bin. Just waiting.

Day 2:

The night was hard for Paul but he made it. Oh no, it’s raining and it’s garbage day. As soon as the bin men came, Paul was worried. He was picked up and then dropped.

And taken down a small stream. Then a stream to a river to a lake.

Day 3:

It’s the second day in the lake and Pauyl was losing a BLANK bits of himself. Finally, he drifted to the sea! The current was taking him and life is short. Away the current took him and then there was a sea creature emerging from the ocean. Instantly, Paul was eaten by a turtle. At first it was comfy and then it started to BANK him up

3 weeks later: THE TURTLE DIED.

Bottle Bob:

Day 1: Being in the shop for Bob is boring. He wants to live a brilliant and adventurous life, like a bird soaring around from country to country. Some London dudes came to Tesco and bought Bottle Bob. As soon as they got home, they put Bottle Bob in the fridge.

Day 2: Waiting in the fridge was very cold. Then, the door opened – TA-DAAA! The London dudes selected Bob for a drink. GLUG GLUG GLUG and Bob was gone, all that was left was Bob’s plastic bottle.

Dramatically they threw him in the bin.

Day 3: Day 3 was bin day. As soon as the garbage dude came, they took the bag of rubbish and chucked it in the bin van. SCREEEEEEEEECH! The van soared down to the landfill.

Day 4: Unfortunately it was raining. In plastic there is a disease that is caused by water. It’s called leachate. In seconds, the disease spread all through the soil. Eventually, most of the plants within a mile of Bottle Bob swiftly began to suffer a tragic death.

Day 5: Miles and miles away there was a pond and with 0% luck, the leachate spread to poison the pond. As a duck flew by it landed in the pond to have a drink. Seconds later it died.

So, the moral of the story is RECYCLE or you’ll be killing the environment in every way.


Sea of Plastic – by Moses

The animals of the sea are being choked by plastic in every part of the world because we have nowhere else to put plastic every day.

We need to stop!

With the action we do every day approx 8 million pieces of plastic go into the sea which means most of the animals eat the plastic mistaking it for food, according to scientists. 100% of turtles have plastic in them and we are affecting another part of the world too. In the Arctic scientists discovered micro plastics there. How would you like to get killed by plastic?



Harry Potter Stops… the Pollution! – by Ulla

Harry Potter couldn’t believe what he was seeing! People dumping rubbish like plastic bottles and plastic bags that are big enough to fit a pigeon inside it.

At bedtime Harry woke up thinking about the pollution. Just then, Harry saw a twinkle in the night sky. It was… Ron Weasley in his floating car! “Terrible things are going to happen to Hogwart’s school of witch craft and wizardry!” said Ron. 

“I know! There’s pollution everywhere!!!” 

As Harry screamed, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia came into the room.

Just then, Uncle Vernon came stomping into the room. Luckily, Ben and Harry escaped whilst Uncle Vernon fainted.

                                                       ENVIRONMENTAL  HAIKKU – by Aimie-Leigh


                                               Life is burning out,

                                              Just like an endangered flame,

                                             Pollution always stays.


Polluted Pigeons – by Vas


Everyone uses plastic. Even me. But we do not know what it is doing to our environment. This is a story about a pigeon dying. Not from age or prey. From a plastic bag.

Percy the pigeon’s death

One day, there was a pigeon called Percy. He is just a normal pigeon or should I say he was a normal pigeon. It was just a normal day for Percy the pigeon – he was going to meet his friend Perry the pigeon. He was flying to his nest. When he was going to his nest he saw a dead pigeon on the floor and a paper bag was stuck around its neck. Percy thought to himself, I hope that isn’t going to be me. As he was flying to Perry’s nest, he thought thoroughly to himself, why do them humans pollute? He got to Perry’s nest and told him all about it and told him that he was worried that he was going to die from plastic. Perry told him not to worry – humans were onto it.

But are we???


Deforestation – by Abi

People are cutting down trees. This means that we have less oxygen in the atmosphere to breathe in. Every minute a forest the size of 20 football fields is cut down and in 100 years there will be no rainforests left in the world.

And if we do not do anything the world will end (in a way!)

Animals will become extinct, too, because their food will be gone and they could DIE!!! People live in the rainforest and they could DIE too!!! And the waterfalls will overfill and crush down and water will spread everywhere, in the sea, making it higher. 

If we don’t start caring for the environment the environment will not care for you!!!


Sharks are eating plastic pollution!

Shark hunters, SHARK HUNTERS! Literally!

STOP!!! Because you’re killing sharks! In the sea every day,


They keep the fish population STABLE! 

Ghost nets are BAD!

FACT: Sharks can reach over 20 meters in length.

The fish eat the plastic and we eat the fish: DEATH CYCLE!

By Mohammad