Ten Eyed Aliens and Intergalactic Football!

Nick Sharratt’s Space Draw-along with BrightSTAR at West Blatchington Primary and Nursery School on Monday 12 July 2021.
How would you draw an alien that has ten eyes, nine noses, seven arms and three tummy buttons? The children of West Blatchington Primary and Nursery School rose to this creative challenge this week with inspiration from Nick Sharratt. The whole school, from reception to Year 6, enjoyed the opportunity to draw-along with star illustrator, writer and Little Green Pig patron Nick Sharratt as he was ‘zoomed’ into their classrooms on Monday morning via interactive screen. The workshop marked the final part of the BrightSTAR experience that all children have participated in over the past term, drawing to a close Little Green Pig’s space themed residency with this Hangleton primary school.
Nick Sharratt invited the children to create truly imaginative intergalactic illustrations, drawing along with him: The drawings created included transporting one of Nick’s best loved characters Tracy Beaker into space, designing their own unique alien creatures through an interactive game the children played, and even illustrating a space football match.
Children also got to ask the award winning author and illustrator questions, quizzing Nick about where he gets his inspiration from to what his favourite colour is (yellow, we found out). Year 5 children learnt that he was the same as age as them (9 years old) when he first realised he wanted to become an illustrator. Children heard top tips on how to correct mistakes made, how to fulfil their own ambitions to create their own books in the future (keep practicing drawing and get help with writing from others if needed!) and how books can sparkle! Children even got a special sneak peek at the latest title to be released this Autumn in his favourite Shark series. Nick also made everyone laugh modelling a paper quiff wig he’d made to pose as one of his favourite characters, Mr Pope.
There were plenty of giggles and scribbles and amazing artwork generated in this super special space themed workshop! Deputy head teacher Mr Brentnall shared,
“All the classes thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Nick Sharratt. It was an engaging and brilliantly crafted session. I was also impressed with the quality of work that the children produced, not just in my Year 2 class- but across the board. Some of the sketches in Reception were just incredible. What a lovely way to finish Little Green Pig’s Bright Star residency! Another very memorable experience that the children will take with them from their time at our school.”
Take a look at the artwork some of the children created below: