Six Reasons to buy tickets to Amplified

By now you may have heard about Little Green Pig’s Amplified, our upcoming Brighton Festival event. If you’re wondering whether or not to buy tickets, we’ve outlined some excellent reasons why you might want to come along below!


  1. You’re a young person living in Brighton & Hove.

    Amplified gives you the rare chance to hear directly from your peers, who will be talking about the issues that matter most to them. We want these stories to resonate with you and perhaps inspire you to think about your own life in a different way. (Please note, Amplified is suitable for audiences aged 11+.) If you think you’d like to join in yourself, we’re still accepting applications to join the project!

  2. You work with young people, as a teacher, youth worker, coach or mentor.

    Work with young people? Amplified offers a fresh and unique take on life as a young person in Brighton, which will help you to view the world from their perspective and might inform future projects.

  3. You’re a fan of TED Talks.

    In conceiving this project we were inspired by the TED talk format, especially their tagline ‘Ideas worth spreading’. Therefore if you enjoy watching speakers present fascinating, inspirational and unusual talks, you’ll love Amplified.

    A group of young people taking part in a previous Little Green Pig workshop.

  4. You’re curious about what it’s like to be young today.

    In Amplified a diverse group of young people share their struggles and successes. They will be speaking on topics ranging from immigration and the realities of being young carer to issues around sexuality and disability. So if you want a fresh take on what it’s like growing up in Brighton in 2019, this is where you’ll find it.

  5. You believe in Little Green Pig’s mission.

    We believe that writing changes lives. Therefore, we want to find new ways of sharing stories and to provide a platform for unheard perspectives. Amplified came from our commitment to giving young people a voice.

  6. You just love stories!

    Part TED Talk, part YouTube confessional, Amplified is ultimately a celebration of the human story. So come along if you want to be moved, entertained and surprised!

Convinced yet? You can book your Amplified tickets here.