Seeing Brighton through fresh eyes

Over the past two weekends, the Little Green Pig team set up camp at Jubilee Library, armed with mp3 players, programmes, banners and badges. Street Stories had begun.


On the 8th, 14th and 15th of May, 77 participants experienced an audio tour around Brighton, leading them from the inside of Jubilee Library all the way to the First Base Day Centre on Montpelier Place. The audience heard real life testimonials from former homeless people, intermixed with stories of life on the streets written by young writers in our regular Thursday Club.


We found it a moving, transformative experience, but don’t take our word for it! Here is just a small sample of the feedback we received:

“Outstanding, surreal, I have a lot of respect for the homeless and give my praise to the children who wrote this masterpiece.”

“Being part of the audio tour removed me from the throng of people, made me feel separate from them.”

“I thought the tone, and the recordings were sensitive, compassionate, and enlightening.  The mix of the real accounts of homelessness, and imaginative exposes of the young people was beautifully done.  Thank you.”

“Very sobering, I was touched by the voices and walking passed the real places… Excellent tone I thought.  So sad.”

“Full of fascinating insights, some particularly thought provoking, e.g. “I’ve made more friends on the streets than I had in my previous life” Brilliant project.”


If you missed the performances in the Fringe, take a look at a video of the project here!

Many thanks to Brighton Housing Trust, actors Graeme, Brett and Sophia, sound artists Tristan Shorr, filmmaker Lucas Orme, all the LGP volunteers who helped with this project and especially to all the children in Thursday Club who helped make this happen.