LGP volunteers tackle First Aid

Two of our regular Monday Club volunteers, Will and Natalie, recently attended an Emergency First Aid Course run by Train Aid.

Will said:

The First Aid training was extremely informative and well demonstrated, in an easy to follow but thorough manner.  I now feel confident that I could perform CPR and assist someone who was choking if I ever needed to (on adult, child or infant), as well as recognising the signs of shock and knowing how to get someone in the recovery position.  The lifelike mannequins were very helpful for practising on, to understand the amount of pressure needed for CPR.  I previously had no idea quite how much pressure is required!

Natalie agreed, saying she feels much more confident in her ability to help people now.

Our instructor put us at ease, was highly knowledgeable and answered any questions thoroughly. I felt able to put any initial nerves aside and concentrate on the tasks at hand.

The course structure enabled me to not only fully understand but to remember the information, which was communicated clearly and comprehensively. I found the practical aspects particularly helpful; using the models to practise and learn vital first aid skills such as CPR, how to use a defibrillator and the correct way to help someone who is choking.

As a result of attending this course with TrainAid, I feel confident in my abilities as a First Aider.

For more information about Train Aid’s courses, please see their website.