We came, we popped up, we created…


Photo by Lucas Orme

Phew! We’ve just about recovered from last week’s Pop-Up and we’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the volunteers, artists, authors, sign-makers, sponsors, children and parents who helped make the whole week such a success.

Read on to find out how it went…



Photo by Lucas Orme

Thanks to super sponsor Selfish Mother, we were able to rent No Walls Gallery for a week to host our pop-up event. Design maestros Sherlock and signage-wizards Readesigns helped transform the space with eye-catching vinyl stickers. A set of mason jars, a trunk filled with books and some apples later, we were ready to open our doors to the public!


Photo by Lucas Orme

Our first workshop was reserved solely for children who had already attended our Thursday or Saturday sessions. These young writers were tasked with writing the beginning of a story which would provide the basis for the rest of the week’s workshops. No easy task! They were well up to the challenge, however, creating the opening of a book called The Shop with No Walls. The opening featured a mysterious shop located in the middle of the desert, camels, a very grumpy customer and, of course, a cliffhanger…

Liz took a box from the cupboard and handed it to Margo.
“What is it?” Margo said, as she stared at the box in her hands.
“It’s an adventure box and it can take you wherever you want to go” said Liz.
And then Margo opened it…

Tuesday – Saturday


Photo by Lucas Orme

For the next five days, we opened from 10am-4pm, holding free workshops, hosting talented authors and artists in our Creative Genius chair, and telling members of the public about all the great work we do! Participants in the morning storymaking sessions wrote individual endings to The Shop With No Walls beginning, every one of them going home with their own unique copy of the book. In the afternoon, there were illustration workshops led by talented artists. Depending on what day you came, you could have been learning how to paint with ink with Ottilie Hainsworth, create manga characters with Inko or craft a comic book with Daniel Locke.


Photo by Lucas Orme

Each lunchtime, we hosted artists- and writers-in-residence who each contributed their own ideas to the Shop With No Walls. Thank you so much, authors Laura Wilkinson, Kate Harrison, Alex Heminsley, Bridget Whelan, Ed Hogan and artists Ottilie Hainsworth, Helen Cann, Jaime Huxtable, Chie Kutsuwada and Phil Corbett. (Kate H blogged her own experience of the Pop Up here.)



Photo by Lucas Orme

Our Pop-Up ended on a bittersweet note, as we said goodbye to beloved co-founder Julie! Speeches were made, tears were shed and we all celebrated the end of a wildly successful, inspiring and magical week.

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Photo by Rose Jones