Chair’s Report 2017/2018

Here, Pete Lawson, Little Green Pig chair, reflects on the year 2017/2018…

More than ever, this year saw Little Green Pig going places.

We built a spaceship and blasted into space, taking every pupil at a Brighton primary school on an intergalactic journey to fire up their imaginations.

We boarded a barge on Brighton Marina and took to the waves for three weeks of free writing workshops over the summer.

We jumped on the train to Rotherham, working with our sister project Grimm & Co to create and publish an anthology of children’s writing Night & Day, with its very own call to write.

We dived through portals, burrowed under the Brighton Pavilion and soared up the i360 in a series of fantastic drama and chat-based broadcasts on Brighton’s Radio Reverb.

We hopped on a plane to Amsterdam to share ideas and learning with other young people’s writing projects from across the globe.

All in all, we worked directly with almost 850 young people, running 136 workshops, and providing 1,993 creative experiences – 25% more than any year previously. Through events and conferences, we reached a further 1,448 young people; that’s 2,337 children in Brighton and Hove and across East Sussex who have benefited from our work this year. Children – many from areas of huge social deprivation – who have had the chance to develop their creativity, to explode their imaginations, to explore their feelings, to celebrate their ideas. Children whose words have been taken seriously. Children who now walk that little bit taller because they have had an opportunity to tell their stories to the world. Children who now have a better chance at life.

To do this we had our best ever year of fundraising and income generation, ensuring that our workshops remain free and that no child is prevented from joining us on a creative journey. We have increased our committed staff team and brought in more professional writers and illustrators to give our young people the highest level of creative opportunity. Everything we have delivered has been supported by our fantastic volunteer story mentors, and funding from the Sussex Community Foundation has meant we have been able to recruit and support volunteers from local schools and colleges – young people supporting other young people to learn and grow.

I hope you enjoy reading this report and hearing more about what we’ve been up to and how we’ve achieved it. If you’ve been part of it, I thank you – thank you profoundly. If you’d like to be part of making it all happen again, then please talk to us.

Into space or across the ocean, come with us on the next leg of our fantastic journey.

– Pete Lawson
Chair, Little Green Pig