About Little Green Pig

Little Green Pig is a registered Charity based in Brighton & Hove. We currently work across the city – look out for us in schools, libraries, galleries, youth clubs and even scribbling on buses (on paper of course!)

Our vision

We believe in the power of the imagination and that fantastic and transformative things happen when you pick up a pen and share your story. We offer children and young people in Brighton & Hove space and time to get creative with words. We believe in the right to write, and that this vital form of self-expression builds confidence, communication and social skills. Creativity and fun are at the heart of what we do.

Our mission

We offer free writing workshops for young people in Brighton & Hove aged 7 to 18. We serve all young people in the city but we focus our resources on young people most in need.  We work in partnership with teachers and families to offer free writing workshops to local schools whose pupils experience social or educational disadvantage. Our after-school and weekend workshops are open to all.

We provide fun, creative and excellent learning experiences for everyone – whether you are a young person, a (human) customer, a volunteer, a teacher or a parent.

Our values

  •  All young people can be writers
  •  Volunteers are a core part of our organisation
  •  Schools, teachers and families are our essential partners
  •  Everyone who enters our doors should have fun
  •  Our activities are inclusive, accessible,  inspiring and excellent
  •  Everyone’s creative ideas are important
  •  Green pigs do exist – and they are our best customers.

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